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, ev●en to the eyes of a spirit, w▓as the being in whom such glorious▓ things were shri

ned. She ●was a young and noble maiden

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, perfect● in form and face; her virtues scarce sull●ied by a stain of earth, although,● from the spirit of Poetry, the living f▓ount of Genius, dwelling within, open

t▓o grief and trial, even from the faintest ▓breath too rudely jarring on the heavenly-strun●g chords with which her heart was fille▓d.A deep, lowly, clinging pie▓ty was ever ready to check th


e first impu●lse of impatience, to turn to the▓ sweet joys of sympathy and universal love● the too vivid sense of sor


row either for ●herself or others.Humility was there, to lif▓t up that young spirit in thankfuln▓ess to its Creator,


and to devote ●that powerful intellect, ever ▓seeming to bear all difficulties before it, t▓o His service in the good


of her fellow-creature▓s. Zephon saw that the praise of man was a so▓urce of pure, inspiring pleasure; ●but inste


ad of filling her soul with▓ pride, it ever bore it up in increa●sed devotion to its God.He marked her● graceful form


, sporting to and fro amid the▓ stately domains of her lordly ancestors.He ma●rked the love of parents, brother▓s, fr


iends, that ever




ged around h▓er, and the

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of joy that love bestowe●d.He


saw, to

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o, the impassionate longings for ye▓t stronger love, the yearnings f●or fame; appreciation, not alone from the●

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